3 reasons you should consider
professional video
to drive your message…


It should go without saying but people are more visual. In fact people retain 58% more with both visual and auditory stimulation.

Video is Now More Searchable

Did you know YouTube is the #2 search engine? Having a video promoting your business will increase the likelihood of someone stumbling upon your content online.

People Prefer Video Over Text

Let’s be honest – most people don’t like to read. If given the choice of reading text or watching video, most people will opt to watch video.


Aside from the fact that you can reuse videos for years to come – you can show your benefactors where and how their money is being spent. There is nothing more powerful than hearing and seeing testimonials from the people you serve.

Promotional Videos

Whether you’re selling a product or service – nothing will get people more excited than a video. Hire us for your next promotional video and we’ll be sure to make jaws drop!

Chroma Key aka “Green Screen”

If you’re looking to take your video to the next level – consider shooting in chroma key (green screen). We’ll shoot you in front of a green screen and anything can be added to the background. This is how big budget films shoot their special effects. But worry not – we won’t charge you 6 figures to shoot your video!

Virtual Tours

Creating a virtual tour will help you get more clients. If people can see your facility at the comfort of their own home (or smartphone), potential clients will be more apt to sign up.


Whether you’re looking to impress major league scouts with a demo / highlight reel or you’d like to make a high energy video of your tournament – you now know who to call.

Fusion Video

What’s better than pictures or video? The answer is pictures and video together! Upon request we can take still photos and video at your event to create fusion style videos. It’s the best of both worlds!

If you’re in need of marketing gurus to help your business, don’t hesitate to reach out to Rockin’ It! Media. They helped me book more clients and I couldn’t be any happier.

Lou Volpe

NYC Jazz Guitar Artist

Working with Mikey was an absolute pleasure. Most people have never been interviewed professionally and it can be intimidating. But he made our members feel comfortable in front of the camera and he was able to get the best out of them.

Mark Straubel

North Suburban YMCA

Everything they do is simply magic. They are professional and they take my ideas and make them a reality. Two thumbs up from me.

George Somersall

New Age TKD

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