Mangia Calamari! Proposal

Hi Basil,

Thanks for the opportunity for allowing me to take photos of you and your family! It was fun and I learned a lot!

I figured it’d be easier to post the proposal I showed you on a webpage as opposed to sending you a PDF.

I edited the RAW files and uploaded them here: You can disregard the price list as you can download all of the images individually or all of them in one shot. You can also hit the star button to favorite them in case you need to refer to a particular image to me. I can log in on the backend and see your favorites. Feel free to use the images as you wish!

You can see some of the websites I’ve done here (be sure to check them out on a computer and on a mobile device):

If you’d like to see my writing style (for your blog and web pages) you can check out these posts:

Plus here is the link to the website theme I’d like to use for you guys:

Here are the slides from the proposal…

Here are the 2 videos I showed you (click the triangle to play).


  • I’m looking to expand my business and work with restaurants. I want to have a solid portfolio to show which is why I’m offering you an exclusive base discount of 20%.
  • I sweetened the pot and I’m offering you a holiday special. Book with me by January 4th and save 25%. 
  • To book my services I require a 50% deposit. 
  • A for the turnaround time – I can get started as soon as January 14th. The photography and video would take me around 7-10 days of shooting. To get the website would take around 5 days. So ballpark estimate on the turnaround time is 3 weeks to complete the Website Redesign & Content Creation. 
  •  If you opt in for the marketing we’ll sit down and devise a content calendar to plan the following months.

Consider me a part of your team and if you have any questions feel free to contact me any time.